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TRTx Advanced Wound Healing Support Gel


TRTx Advanced Wound Healing Support Gel is a ground-breaking treatment designed to address the significant unmet need for effective wound care in equine medicine. Developed by leading scientists, this gel harnesses the potent bioactivity of Migration Stimulating Factor (MSF) to stimulate the natural healing process without inducing cell proliferation, reducing the likelihood of chronic wounds and excessive tissue formation.

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Key Benefits

  • Innovative MSF Technology: Employs a unique synthetic peptide mimicking MSF to accelerate wound healing.
  • Unmatched Potency: Delivers therapeutic effects at femtomolar concentrations, ensuring maximum efficacy with minimal application.
  • Simple Application: Requires fewer applications with very low dosages compared to other treatments.
  • Long-term Stability: Retains potency for extended periods, ensuring efficacy from the first to the last use.
  • Safety Assured: Anticipated excellent safety profile due to topical application and extremely small required doses.

Product Description

For the discerning veterinary professional and equine caretaker, TRTx Advanced Wound Healing Support Gel represents the pinnacle of scientific innovation in wound care. This gel is meticulously formulated to mimic the biological activity of the body’s own healing proteins, specifically designed to activate and de-activate cell processes for optimal healing without the risk of over-proliferation or scarring.

Whether tending to the delicate skin of thoroughbred racehorses or managing the wounds of hard-working farm horses, TRTx is the trusted name for fast, effective, and safe wound treatment. Its synthetic MSF peptide technology not only accelerates healing but also prevents the formation of proud flesh, ensuring your horse returns to its peak condition rapidly.

With TRTx, you can expect:

  • Quickened healing times for various wound types.
  • Reduced risk of proud flesh development.
  • Minimal applications due to its potent formula.
  • Easy integration into existing treatment protocols.
  • TRTx Advanced Wound Healing Support Gel is the future of equine wound care, now made available for professional and personal equine care regimes across New Zealand.

Directions for Use

Apply a thin layer (4-5 mm) of TRTx Gel to a clean gauze, covering the wound area. Secure with a bandage and recheck in 3-4 days. If necessary, reapply and seek veterinary advice if no improvement is noted. TRTx Gel is for external use only.

Why Choose TRTx?

  • Clinical Advantage: TRTx’s potent bioactive formula targets the wound healing process at a cellular level, promoting rapid and healthy tissue regeneration.
  • Technical Superiority: Leveraging the latest scientific advances, TRTx offers a simplified, potent, and less invasive treatment option.
  • Commercial Edge: Backed by a business model focused on innovation and cost-effectiveness, TRTx delivers unparalleled value to the equine care industry.

Embrace the future of equine wound care with TRTx Advanced Wound Healing Support Gel, where science meets speed in healing.


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