Fundamental Therapeutics for advanced wound healing
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Ineffective, Costly: Wound Challenges

Ineffective, Costly Wound Treatments: Urgency for Innovative Solutions

Current treatments for non-healing wounds are largely ineffective and expensive. It is estimated that a new effective product could reap over $1 billion world-wide in annual sales when approved [Reuters 2011]. The societal benefits of such a treatment are immeasurable.

The solution proposed by TRT is based on the unique characteristics of MSF bioactives, including the parental protein (MSF) and its synthetic mimetics. TRT's lead compound, TRT-8174, offers a number of clinical and commercial competitive advantages over currently available treatments for chronic ulcers.

TRT is actively looking for early stage investors


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Visiongain (2012). Advanced Wound Care: World Market Prospects 2013-2023

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A specialized approach integrating advanced therapies for optimal wound recovery.

It goes beyond conventional methods, incorporating innovative therapeutic techniques for accelerated healing.

It addresses a spectrum of wounds, from acute injuries to chronic conditions, promoting overall wound health.

It's tailored to various patient needs, considering factors like wound type, severity, and individual health conditions.

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