Fundamental Therapeutics for advanced wound healing
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Apply the gel to gauze thinly (4-5 mm) in an area to cover the wound. Apply this to the wound and fasten a bandage to keep in place. Check the bandage after 3-4 days, and if necessary, re-apply. Seek veterinary advice if the wound is not improving.


Purified NZ water (aqua) (95%), trtx (5 ng/mL) in hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose (4.99%), DMSO (0.00005%).

Made in New Zealand

The Science Behind TRTx Advanced Wound Healing Support Gel

Our Science

The science and discoveries that have led to the founding of TRT are documented in a large number of scientific publications and patents. A selection of these publications are referenced on this page.

Skin Wounds Treatment

Problems associated with the healing of skin wounds result in much suffering and expensive treatments that are often unsatisfactory. There is a significant unmet medical need for an effective wound healing treatment, for both humans and animals, with a corresponding commercial opportunity

Normal wound healing requires the influx of cells, matrix remodelling and the formation of new blood vessels at the wound site through a process collectively called ‘cell activation’. Once the skin has been repaired, the cells ‘de-activate’, thus returning to their original resting state. Normal wound healing reflects a balance between cell activation in response to tissue injury and cell de-activation at the completion of the healing process. Disruption of these processes can result in non-healing, chronic, ulcers (i.e. failure of cell activation) or excessive new tissue formation or scarring (i.e. failure of cell de-activation).

Our Testimonial

What Our Clients Are Saying

Here are some clients' testimonials after using TRTx.

"As the owner of a competitive jumper, I've faced my share of wound management challenges, especially with leg injuries that seemed to take forever to heal and often developed into proud flesh, complicating recovery. I decided to try TRTx Advanced Wound Healing Support Gel on a recommendation, and the results were nothing short of miraculous. A particularly stubborn wound on my horse's hind leg, which had been a recurring issue for months, began to show significant improvement within a week of applying TRTx. Not only did the wound heal faster than it ever had, but it did so without the formation of any proud flesh, allowing my horse to return to training much sooner than expected. The gel was easy to apply, and considering the cost savings from avoiding further veterinary interventions, it's been a game-changer for us."

My family's horse, a gentle mare we've had for over a decade, suffered a deep cut on her front knee from a barbed wire fence. Knowing her age and the tricky location of the wound, I was bracing for a long and stressful healing process. A vet friend suggested we try TRTx Advanced Wound Healing Support Gel, and I'm so glad we did. Within days of starting the treatment, the wound's appearance improved dramatically, and it healed with such speed that even our vet was impressed. There was no sign of excessive granulation tissue, which had been my biggest fear. This gel not only saved us from potential complications but also spared our beloved mare from unnecessary discomfort."

"In my practice, dealing with wounds that are slow to heal, especially on the lower limbs of horses, has always been challenging. The introduction of TRTx Advanced Wound Healing Support Gel into my treatment protocol has significantly changed the prognosis for these difficult cases. I've applied TRTx to a variety of wounds, from surgical sites to accidental injuries, and the accelerated healing process it promotes is remarkable. One case that stands out involved a young foal with a severe leg injury from a fence accident. Traditional treatments had limited success, but with TRTx, the wound healed much faster than anticipated, with no excessive granulation tissue. This product has become a staple in my wound care arsenal, offering a new hope for rapid and complication-free recovery."

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