Tissue Repair Technologies Limited

Commercial Opportunity

The worldwide skin ulcer treatment market has risen during the last 10-15 years at much higher rate than initially predicted. This can be attributed partly to the increase in chronic wounds, but also to the increased costs of the advanced wound care (AWC) medicaments. Depending on the severity of the complications, the estimated cost of treating diabetic foot ulcers ranged from $3,959 to $188,645 per patient in the USA in 2011 and the annual wound care product market was estimated to be over $15bn. In a recent report [Visiongain 2012], the AWC market was estimated to have reached sales of $2.9bn in the US and $6.6bn world-wide in 2011; with the global market predicted to reach $16.3bn by 2023.

Current treatments for non-healing wounds are largely ineffective and expensive. It is estimated that a new effective product could reap over $1 billion world-wide in annual sales when approved [Reuters 2011]. The societal benefits of such a treatment are immeasurable.

The solution proposed by TRT is based on the unique characteristics of MSF bioactives, including the parental protein (MSF) and its synthetic mimetics. TRT's lead compound, TRT-8174, offers a number of clinical and commercial competitive advantages over currently available treatments for chronic ulcers.

TRT is actively looking for early stage investors 


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