Tissue Repair Technologies Limited

TRT Founders

TRT was founded by four scientists and is based on inventions resulting from their research. Dr Ana Schor and her late husband, Professor Seth Schor, identified and cloned Migration Stimulating Factor (MSF: a unique, highly potent, regulator of biological processes required for normal wound healing) and discovered a three-amino-acid peptide (IGD peptide) of MSF, which displays all of its biological activities. Dr David Norman, an expert in biological structure determination, elucidated the structure of IGD and with Dr Rudi Marquez, used that information to rationally design small-organic mimetics of IGD. Dr Rudi Marquez synthesised  a number of candidate mimetics including our lead compound, TRT-8174.  Drs Schor, Norman and Marquez are the current directors of TRT.

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